Teacher Peng

Math Teacher

Personalized learning approach to unlocking young minds potential

Mr. Peng graduated from Zhejiang University of China with bachelor’s degree in finance. Engaged in Math Olympiad since the primary school, Mr. Peng had been systemically trained and participated in many major competitions. In 1996, Mr. Peng emerged 1st position in the Guangdong Yu Miao Math Contest for Primary Schools with a perfect score. During his secondary school, he also won 1st prize in national math, physics and chemistry contests.

Mr. Peng is dedicated to intellectual sports including Chinese chess, Texas poker, Sudoku, apart from math Olympiad. He won the champion for Zhejiang University Chinese Chess Contest, and trained Singapore national junior team (U18).

Mr. Peng has developed a personalised learning approach with his decade’s teaching experience. He is particularly strong at training outstanding students in a systemic way, and inspiring young minds to reach their potential. Mr. Peng contributes a lot to develop a set of effective methods to solve math problems with ease and speed. Between years 2017 and 2018, Mr. Peng trained dozens of students awarded with gold medals, and many of them were selected in Singapore Math Olympiad national team (IMSO) and secured good results for Singapore in the final competitions.

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