The Annual Mathlympics for all Singapore Primary Schools was inaugurated in 2008, jointly organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd and Casio (Singapore) Pte Ltd. It is an original idea inspired by athletics and it is the first Mathematical Olympiad in Singapore which allows participants to use calculators.


Mathlympics is open for Primary 4 and 5 students from local schools. Only school teachers can register students for the contest. No individual registration is allowed.


There are two rounds in the contest. Preliminary Round and Final Round

  1. Preliminary Round: Open to all registered participants
  2. Final Round: Only the top 25% participants or the top 500 participants, whichever is lower, will qualify to compete for the awards of Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Final Round


Contest Date:

The contest is usually held in August every year



Results Up to Now

Top 15 50
Gold 200+
Silver 200+
Bronze 100+


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