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Teacher Way Tan

Math Teacher

Olympiad Winner seeking to share the Joy of Mathematics

Mr Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore with Double Honours (Highest Distinction) in Mathematics & Computer Science. He was conferred the Leong Teng Kiang Memorial Prize (Top Student in Mathematics) and GIC Medal & Prize (Top Computing Student from the University Scholars Programme).

Mr Tan’s love for mathematics led him to excel in many Math Olympiads since a young age. In primary school, he placed 1st in the RIPMWC and 2nd in the NMOS + SMOPS; while in NUS High School, he came in 1st in the SMO Junior + Senior and 2nd in the SMO Open. His mathematical engagements extended beyond Olympiads: participating in online puzzle contests, organising math training camps and most notably, earning the top prize in the A*STAR Talent Search for his research project.

Mr Tan began teaching in 2016, and discovered a newfound passion for mentoring students. Beyond Math Olympiads, he has since continued to seek out diverse teaching experiences, such as conducting Informatics Olympiad training in Secondary Schools/JCs and tutoring a 2nd-year undergraduate NUS course – with consistently positive reviews from teachers and students alike. Mr Tan takes pleasure in helping students of varying ability levels to understand complex concepts through real-life analogies, interdisciplinary connections, humour, and gentle encouragement.

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