Secondary JC

This Programme will prepare students for their A levels H2 Mathematics.
A good grade in H2 Mathematics is a requirement for many Mathematics, Sciences and Engineering courses in universities. The programme aims to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for a good foundation in Mathematics. Students will get to explore making connections with concepts and problems in real world context.


JC1 curriculum focuses on the Pure Mathematics syllabus. Topics include functions and graphs, graph transformations, equation and inequalities, sequences and series, arithmetic and geometric progression, differentiation and integration with applications, maclaurin series, differential equations, vectors in 3D, complex numbers.
*Curriculum will depend on each JC scheme of work for that year and caters to the student’s learning needs.


JC2 curriculum focuses on completing the JC1 Pure Mathematics syllabus, and covers the Statistics topics which include permutations and combinations, probability, discrete random variables, binomial distribution, normal distribution, sampling theory, hypothesis testing, correlation and linear regression.

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