Primary Competition Math

This Programme will prepare students for various primary Math Olympiad competitions (e.g., NMOS, SMOPS, RIPMWC, SASMO, Kangaroo), GEP and DSA Math.

Primary Competition Math Programme is designed to enrich primary students’ interest and knowledge in Mathematics beyond the school syllabus. They will be exposed to questions which require logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Primary 1 & 2

Primary 1 & 2 courses focus on understanding basic concepts, inspiring interest, nurturing mathematical reasoning and mindset. Teaching methods may include making a list, using model, working backwards, and comparative methods.

Primary 3

Primary 3 course focus on developing systematic thinking skills and problem-solving methods. Topics such as Arithmetic, Word Problem, Counting, Geometry and Combinatorics are covered.

Primary 4

Primary 4 course content is far beyond school syllabus, which is designed to prepare students to participate in Math Olympiad Competitions organised by Singapore local schools and gain experience. Topics such as Figure Problems, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Counting, based on the foundation built from Primary 3.

Primary 5

Primary 5 course rises to higher requirements in terms of difficulty level and width of the curriculum, covering comprehensive mathematics concepts and thinking skills. By taking systematic training and practice, students will be capable of competing in all major math competitions. Topics such as Complex Word Problem, Speed, Time and Work, Addition and Multiplication Principle, Figure Problems are covered.

Primary 6

Primary 6 course is designed for students who have a solid background in Math Olympiad with the aim to achieve a medal in Math Olympiad Competition. This course targets on reviewing topics based on previous studies and competitions experience. The standard and difficulty level of this course is high, focusing more on improving problem solving skills and working steps.

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