Primary Science Olympiad

This Programme will prepare students for various primary Science Olympiad competitions (e.g., SPSO, RSO) and DSA Science.
Our teaching of Science is beyond imparting knowledge to excel in examinations. We help students explore and understand the natural and physical world that they are in, and relate Science to our daily life. By inspiring their interest and curiosity, learning of Science can be fun and entertaining. Alongside, we help students unlock their potential through observational, analytical, inference and innovative skills.

Primary 4

This course is for students to develop an interest in Science. The course will be covering topics more complex than Primary 4 school Science, such as human anatomy, ecology, kinematics, forces and thermodynamics.

Primary 5

We provide students a head-start in the learning of Science, based on the 3 major subjects, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

  • Biology – understanding Biology concepts through a wide spectrum of topics on life and living-organism, e.g., cells, human anatomy and functions.
  • Physics – understanding natural phenomena and then applying patterns, models, principle, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe, e.g., forces, energy and power, mechanics.
  • Chemistry – understanding how this “central science” connects the dots between biology, geology, medicine and environmental science, e.g., atomic structure, periodicity and metals.

Primary 6

This curriculum builds on the momentum and foundation from Primary 5, with increased difficulty, variety and engagement. There will be early exposure to secondary Science topics. We aim to provide students a solid foundation in Science, instil their confidence and interest, and to create an edge for those who wish to explore DSA (Direct School Admission).

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